This is Pamela Kuhn and this is my Turner Classic Movie movie moment!

Years ago when I lived in London, I remember seeing some war reels on the BBC from the iconic film director, John Ford. Shot in black and white, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and impressionistic feel they conveyed on a subject that was painful to watch. If I was not aware of the range of John Ford’s work then, I immersed myself in his filmmaking thereafter. So I am thrilled that Turner Classic Movies in their 5th series of the marvelous podcast, “The Plot Thickens” presents “John Ford, Decoded.

Narrated by Ben Mankiewicz, the series takes on the mystery of the legendary director. Filled with interviews from actors, stuntmen and those who were directly involved with Ford, the series takes a deep dive into the history of a man who could sometimes hide behind a mask and be withdrawn. Many of those commentaries have never been broadcast. Irascible, moody and tough was John Ford’s framework. Or, as Katharine Hepburn referred to him, “You are just odd!”

The series ranges from his early days under the shadow of his successful actor/producer brother, Francis to his risk taking in remarkable filmmaking; his friendships with John Wayne and Ward Bond, his ability to define America through his artist’s eye while making his own rules with studios and the search for the lost footage of D-Day. TCM is pulling back the curtain on this legend. Not to be missed! The series opens on June 6th… be there! Go to

tcm film festival 2024

2024 TCMFF Recap:
Sunday, April 21


  • Mel Brooks introduced a closing night presentation of his film Spaceballs(1987) marking his 7th appearance at the TCM Classic Film Festival
  • Alexander Payne presented a world premiere restoration of The Searchers (1956), restored by Warner Bros. with The Film Foundation
  • The Mont Alto Orchestra performed alongside The Goat (1921) and Sherlock Jr. (1924)
  • Cora Sue Collins appeared at a presentation of The Sin of Nora Moran(1933), a film she starred in at 6 years old
  • The TCM Hosts made a toast to TCM’s 30th anniversary at the Closing Night Party

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The delightful Chris Sarandon…always Cooking by Heart!

TCM’s Acclaimed Podcast The Plot Thickens Returns for Season Five Focusing on John Ford

From Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies’ (TCM) award-winning podcast The Plot Thickens will premiere season five, Decoding John Ford, on June 6, co-produced by Novel. Host Ben Mankiewicz strips back the mythology to reveal Ford’s brilliance – alongside the often ugly, uncomfortable truths about his life and movies, asking whether we can ever truly separate art from the artist. This season features scores of never-before-heard archival interviews, including John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, Woody Strode, and John Ford himself.


TCM presenters introducing the new podcast!

TCM Presentation 2024 - The Plot Thickens

TCM presenting The Plot Thickens

Pam with TCM host Jacqueline Stewart

Pam with TCM host Jacqueline Stewart



Conductor, Ben Woodward…

his passion for the Ring Cycle andhis success for self funded projects!

Singer/Songwriter, Alan Walker…

aging well with his fine music!

Orchestra Lumos lighting the way once again

with Anthony Parce and Valerie Bolling!

Violinist turned author, Erica Miner

…living several lives was her journey!

Conductor, Michael Stern and rising star pianist, Tony Siqi Yun

The boys bringing the light to Orchestra Lumos!

Pianist, Eduardus Halim

A stupendous talent and the successor to Horowitz

Soprano, Laura Dixon Strickling

Moving On To New Horizons

Pianist, Florian Noack…

the alchemist of the keyboard!

Joe Meyers…

Focus on French Cinema Film Festival and discussion of “Divertimento.”

Artist, Gyöngy Laky and Curator, Nancy Heller

on the essence of “Wordplay.”

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The delightful Chris Sarandon…always Cooking by Heart!

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At the TCM Film Festival filmmaker, Shane Fleming is a star!

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Soprano, Rainelle Kraus flies high with aerial work and her magnificent voice! Pt. 1

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Soprano, Laura Dixon Strickling on serendipity and the GRAMMYs! Pt. 2

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Soprano, Laura Dixon Strickling on serendipity and the GRAMMYs! Pt. 1

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Violinist turned author, Erica Miner…creating her own artistic kingdom!

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Conductor, Michael Stern…his personal stories about Leonard Bernstein and “Maestro” pt II

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Conductor, Michael Stern…his personal stories about Leonard Bernstein and “Maestro”

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Soprano, Emily Albrink and “Force of Nature”

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James Hill, pt.3


After a Year Without Crowds, Caroline Polachek Takes the Stage

By Jia Tolentino
September 10, 2021

Polachek had told me that Kuhn, her opera teacher, sometimes made her sing bent over, with her hands on her knees, as if her voice were spilling the notes out violently onto the floor. Kuhn told me later, “I’ve seen her at her weakest. I’ve seen her underbelly. I would say to her, over and over, that the great artists are the ones who have the ability to get to a raw sound, who can let the idea of perfection go for a moment and give us a direct line into their soul.”

Singer-Songwriter Caroline Polacheck on stage